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It truly was a blast to photograph these two happy and gorgeous souls up in our mountains this summer past.  They played and laughed, joked and smiled and loved each other well.  It was SUCH a pleasure to be a spectator on this evening engagement session.  We started our mini road trip in the woods and ended our trip up in the mountains by Sparks lake in Bend Oregon watching the sun set.


In June 2015 we bought a little ole run down shack i fondly like to call our ‘cabin in the woods’.  We intended at the time to do a major clean up and a modest remodel.  As it turns out our little reno/remodel was actually going to be quite the extensive renovation turning into a 5 month long process.   It ended up being a total overhaul which we are so glad for.  During our whole renovation we were lucky to have our friend and talented builder Caleb Hargrove of Rupp Family Builders working on our cabin.  Kory was also able to take several months away from work to work along side Caleb.  The whole project, although exhausting and frustrating to be living onsite in a trailer through the winter (one experience we truly hope never to repeat) was on the other hand also a very unique time for us.  To be a part of the renovation process and watch the project day by day and see your vision and all thats in your head slowly come to life was pretty exciting.  We kept the footprint and layout of the original house basically the same except for the new addition of the kitchen and dining area.  The original house was 1000 sq ft, now it is a cosy 1400 sq ft.

As of today almost all the remodel has been completed, except for most of the trim, builtins in bedrooms and lounge and some work on the doors.  But were in and it feels amazing.

The house changed a lot in appearance during the 8 months before the renovation and then again drastically when we began the remodel.  In the first 3 images below it shows how the cabin looked when we first saw the property.  We bought the property through an auction at the Bend County without ever really seeing inside.  The general thought on this house was that it would be demolished by the new owners.  But hey, were a couple of mad kiwis.

Full disclosure – this is like seriously the longest post ever and is best viewed on a computer.  Good luck!

What a surprise when we first got the keys and could take the boards off the windows and look around inside.  What was even more surprising was that it didn’t phase us.  Ha!  We were genuinely excited by the challenge and eager to breathe new life into the old place.  Looking at these pictures today, I’m not exactly sure what we were thinking.  Hold your breath and welcome home Odoms!

The laundry area.

This space below is what will become Eli’s bedroom.  The looks on the kids faces were priceless when we told them these were their new rooms.

And this nasty little space below will become Stasi’s bedroom.

Yum.  I just love carpet in a bathroom.

New plumbing and electrical were needed throughout the cabin.

The master bedroom.  The planks here were removed and left outside to weather.  After a thorough cleaning they were reused in the new bathroom.

Below is the little opening in the lounge wall leading to the ‘kitchen’.  Were thinking hobbits previously lived here.  Little smoking hobbits.

This is the inside of the pink vintage trailer – the kitchen and dining area.

The lounge is below.

Demolition begins!!  This whole process really was a family affair.

Absolutely everything in the house had to be removed, walls, floors, ceilings, insulation, plumbing and dodgy electrical.  By the end of the demolition we were only left with a roof and framing.  So it turns out we were basically starting from scratch and building a brand new house.  Theres Grandpa in the background.

He was so young and excited back then 😉

All the original windows were from a trailer, you know the kind that you open and close with a lever.  I actually love this old siding, so weather worn but so cool.

On this day with the help of neighbours we pulled out the pink vintage trailer, originally it was the beginning of the cabin and which later served as a kitchen/dining room.  We plan on fixing it up and turning it into a camper.  Another project for another time.

This space where the trailer lived was actually quite low and made for an interesting roofline.  This is now part of the new lounge.

Oh the things you’ll find 🙂

We burnt practically all the demolition we could.  It was like never ending crap.  It was actually cause for celebration and hugs all round when the last pile of crap was burnt.  Exciting days.

Below new foundation for the addition.


Bear, the other new addition.

The ugly green siding.





The jig that Caleb made.



Our first lot of ceiling going up!


I painted the whole house and enjoyed it.




The kitchen was repurposed from the local Restore.  It was pine so we painted it and with the help of Kory’s brother added new tiled counter tops.  We ditched the uppers in favour of open shelving which i totally love, I’m so glad we did that.




Lots of late night fun-ness going on.


Floors are now ready for a light sanding.  We ripped the ply down into 10, 8 ,6 and 4 inch lengths, alternating the pattern.


We put a very light coat of pickling stain on the floors to take away the yellow of the pine and bring up the grain, we then varnished 4 times.  Has worked out super well and we love the colour and I love the fact that it hides any spills and crumbs etc.  If your on a budget would totally recommend as an alternative to hard wood.



The kids loved working with Caleb.  Dang it, we all loved working with Caleb.


We couldn’t wait another second to move in.  Packing up Stasi style.


And then the day was here!  After 10 very long months living onsite through the winter in a trailer and 13 months since buying our acre in the woods, we are finally moving in!  Oh happy day 🙂

Come on in, have a look around…

Cosy new wood stove and handmade concrete hearth.  We wanted a modern farmhouse/cabin in the woods look, and so decided to line the walls, floors and ceilings with plywood giving an old feel shiplap look.  Each length of wood was laboriously hand cut and sanded by us on a nifty jig our builder made specifically for this job.

We eventually would like built in bookcases both here and on the other side of the lounge window making a nice frame and joining up to the window seat.

Every cabin needs a cute kitten.

Open plan dining/kitchen/lounge.

Farm house sinks are some of my favourite things 🙂

Breakfast nook with built in bench seats 🙂

Below is Stasi’s new mint room.

Eli’s new room.

This is an original homestead door from one of the local homes back when.  Over a 100 years old.

Boys and girls room.

A free standing bath tub will sit nicely on top of all those pretty tiles one day.

Still needing to trim around all the doorways, but were thrilled with how this bathroom turned out.  Love our shower.  The whole of the bathroom in the trailer was the size our shower is now.  We all still have to pinch ourselves at how beautiful it is and are enjoying the longest of showers.

Below are the recycled wood planks from the original master bedroom.

We have a brand spanking new deck built by my dad this summer when he came out to visit us.  Such a treat 🙂



We so love to sit out here and drink our coffee, watch the kids and kittens play and just enjoy the view into the forest.

Perfect scribing 🙂

Our front porch turned wood shed for the winter.

We power washed the green paint off the original old boards and rather like how they came up.

And that is home folks.  If you made it to the end I hope you enjoyed your visit!  These are local Bend Oregon Contractors we used.

Builder – Caleb Hargrove of Rupp Family Builders

Electrical – Deluge Electrical

Plumbing – Pine Valley Plumbing

Flooring – Odoms Floor Coverings


When I look through my lens I want to capture who you really are.  Smiling.  Not smiling.  Happy or sad. Whether you are looking at me or walking away from me, it doesn’t matter.  I want to capture the moments in-between the smiles when you think I can’t see you, the wistful looks and the quiet confidence. I want time with you, I want your soul bared before me.  I want meaning, more than smiles.  I want what makes you feel alive and what makes you feel connected.




I’ve got to say i think elopements are fast becoming my most favourite thing to photograph.  The idea of just two people, in love, no distraction but each other, saying their vows and freely expressing themselves is so beautiful.  I loved watching these two through my lens and capturing their freedom to just be present in the moment, taking in every detail of their day.  Hilary and Kory were married at Smith Rock in Oregon.









Chamae + Garret, you babes! We met this super sweet and stunning couple for a little mini road trip around our hometown of Bend, Oregon this spring. Starting in the wooded Camp Sherman area and ending up east of town in the desert. Looking for little pockets of light on our trip on what turned out to be a pretty chilly afternoon. These two souls who have know each other for an eternity braved our mad PNW weather with us for a gorgeous little engagement shoot.