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i am a


for young families

+ small weddings


i am missy


homeschooling mama,

kiwi by passport,

living in oregon

desiring a simple life.

i quite prefer the opposite

of normal

and i’m most content when left to

potter around my home and garden

with kittens and dogs in tow.

design and decorating make me happy

and i love that as a family

we took an unliveable cabin

and turned it into

something homely and beautiful.

i have known the love

of a good man,

the daily grace of god,

i have a cried a million tears,


and rejoiced in life again.

i honestly don’t laugh as much as i should

and i’m forever learning to love well.

i want an honest conversation.

i want to read more and

learn all the creative things i can.

my mind seems far too busy,

i love to bake pretty things and

i wish summer was year long!

i genuinely do look forward to meeting

you and your family!


my heart in photography is to document

family connections,

not perfection.

life is beautiful and life is raw

and sometimes they collide.

whatever season of life you

may find yourself in,

thats where i want to be,

sitting beside you

photographing your story.


occasionally i photograph small

intimate weddings and elopements.

simple weddings.

backyard weddings.

weddings in nature with only your

nearest and dearest there.

weddings that are comfortable,

because they are totally YOU.


so we are a family of four.

originally from a busy little coastal town in

New Zealand.  

2 years ago with a mighty big dream

in our hearts and in search of a slower life

we moved our little family across the world to

Bend Oregon

Kory’s boyhood hometown.  

we now live snug and cozy

in a little renovated cabin

by the big woods.

you can read more

about our home renovation here!